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Description:   The Perl XML project hosts the development of many Perl XML and related modules, documentation, and examples. All module authors are welcome to host their modules here. Module authors and maintainers still "own" their modules.

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Linux Universal Remote XML Configuration A set of mod_perl pages, perl scripts, XML schemas and XML documents to capture a Linux box's configuration settings and use XSLT translations to find system-wide configuration problems and recommend (and execute) fixes.

Light Xml Parser A small, efficient and "easy to use" library to manipulate XML in .Net 2.0 without the support of Style Sheets, scripts or other "WWW-based" XML document requirements.

PHP and Perl classes to query eXist PHP & Perl classes to query eXist XML:DB.A set of classes, implemented in both PHP and Perl, that allows to query the XML:DB using the XQuery language.Connection with eXist is done through a SOAP interface, using a WSDL defintion.

Perl Module XML::Node XML::Node is a Perl module designed for those who use Perl to process XML files. Built on top of XML::Parser, it provides a simplified programming interface. XML::Node users can register callback sub-routines or variables to specific XML nodes.

Perl Sitemap XML Generator This perl script will crawl your website, and produce a sitemap.xml file, suitable for updating google webmaster tools. It can also be set to crawl your site, and automatically FTP the sitemap.Useful for content managed websites. A work in progress!

XML Image Indexer XML Image Indexer is a perl tool to create images, thumbnails, and an index from a set of input images. If FrameExtractor is installed, it can also create thumbnails for mpegs. These output files and index could then be used to generate a photo album.

XML-SAT A modular SAT solver based on Minisat. The modules are described in XML-files, which are processed by a perl script; thus generating n-solvers.

perl WebMVC perl WebMVC is a mod_perl web application framework designed around the Model View Controller design pattern. It is written in perl with an XML configuration component.

PxDBTOFILE - DB to file export via XML PxDBTOFILE is a database to file exporter in PERL.Users create XML files that are used by PxDBTOFILE to export data from a database to any number of flat text files in variable formats.Great for systems that require database extraction to flat tex

TV RSS Linux Client TV RSS Linux Client fetches RSS feed and lets user download or auto download torrents based on regular expressions and launch BitTorrent client of choice. Requires Gtk2-Perl and XML::RAI.

Perl Window Manager A window manager written in perl! Using perl will allow extra logic to be defined in configuration files.

Perl modules for Zompist conlangs This is a collection of Perl modules dealing with some of the constructed languages created by Mark Rosenfelder ( ).

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